Why Let Go.

Critical Moment

When you consider what might be possible—increase the number of ideas available for further exploration, development, and consideration.

Why it’s hard.

Biological Forces

Our brains create synaptic connections and heuristic biases that cause us to jump to known solutions.


Cultural Forces

Pressure to solve, to have the answer, to be right. Fear of being wrong. Efficiency valued over possibility.

What to expect.

Think Right Responses

Right Thinkers want to be sure of what they’re going to suggest before they will speak up. They are afraid to appear foolish. Right Thinkers defend their answers no matter what.

What to do.

Think Wrong Responses

Trick your brain into a creative hyper-drive where unusual and surprising ideas emerge.


From Idea to Action

Be uncensored: Turn off your internal judge and let your ideas flow unfettered by what might be right or wrong.

Be crazy: Imagine the nuttiest, wildest, most outrageous solutions you can.

Be prolific: Put quantity before quality.