Build a rocket.

Use when you need to escape the biases, orthodoxies, and assumptions that define the status quo—and that limit the impact you might have.

It’s easy to come up with an idea that helps a handful or even thousands of people. But what if you could problem solve in a way that makes life better for millions? Moonshots are designed to push us beyond our traditional ways of brainstorming. We use this drill when we want to stretch our thinking about what is possible, and compound the reach and impact of our solutions. There will be time down the line to reel in our thinking and test what is possible. But first, let’s dream about the difference we might make and focus on the ways we are best equipped to make that difference. 


  • Elevated impact

  • Shared vision of impact

  • Aspirational goals

  • Reasons to believe

Blue tape
Green dots


Step 1
Introduce the Moonshot Drill.

Step 2
Have Wrong Thinkers generate ideas for the most astounding thing they might do together to address the challenge.

Step 3
Give three dots to each Wrong Thinker. Have Wrong Thinkers place dots on the three moonshots that they find most compelling.

Step 4
Have teams move the moonshot with the most votes to the single most astounding thing we might do together box on the Moonshot Poster.


Step 5
Have Wrong Thinkers identify why people will think that they are crazy for pursuing the promoted moonshot.

Step 6
Finally, ask Wrong Thinkers to share what they know that others don't as to why they might succeed.

It can be challenging for teams to push away from the status quo to set goals and imagine moonshots. Visit each team as they’re generating moonshot ideas and encourage them to be as aspirational as possible.

A helpful prompt: “Imagine achieving something that your grandchildren might be amazed to learn you were a part of.”


When to use the Drill

How to introduce the Drill

Tips for facilitating the Drill