Why Move Fast.

Critical Moment

When you want to speed up the learning process so that you can move your new way of doing things into the world more quickly—and achieve greater impact sooner.

Why it’s hard.

Biological Forces

We tend to procrastinate and put off decisions that carry risk and uncertainty.


Cultural Forces

Focus on beating the competition to market rather than time to insight and impact.

What to expect.

Think Right Responses

Right Thinkers manage their processes through metrics and confidentiality.

What to do.

Think Wrong Responses

Admit you don’t know, accept unknown futures, share insights, learning, and knowledge openly to accelerate progress.


From Idea to Action

Be open: Share broadly across your team, organization, communities, industries, regions, and nations.

Be confident: Accept uncertainty and incomplete knowledge; embrace that you know enough to progress.

Be united: Integrate learning from across your portfolio small bets to build momentum and durability of difference making solutions.